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The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) is a research and development organization under the Department of Electronics and Information Technology, Govt of India. The National Centre for Software Technology (NCST), ER&DCI and CEDTI were merged into C-DAC in 2003.


After being denied a Cray supercomputer by the United States in 1987 due to a fear of it being used for military purposes, India started a program to develop an indigenous supercomputer in collaboration with Russia. Supercomputers were considered a double edged weapon capable of assisting in the development of nuclear weapons.For the purpose of achieving self-sufficiency in the field, C-DAC was established by the Department of Electronics in 1988. Vijay Bhatkar was hired as the Director of C-DAC.The project was given an initial run of 3 years and an initial funding of ₹30,00,00,000 as the same amount of money and time was usually expended to secure the purchase of a supercomputer from the US. In 1990, a prototype was produced and was benchmarked at the 1990 Zurich Supercomputering Show (CONPAR 1990?). It surpassed most other systems, placing second after US.The final result of the effort was the PARAM 8000, which was installed in 1991.[7] It is considered India's first supercomputer.


C-DAC branches and training centers include:-

Education and training:-

C-DAC provides several courses in the field of advanced computing and software development. Among these are the hpc certification course C-DAC Certified HPC Professional Certification Programme (CCHPCP). CDAC organises advanced computing diploma programmes through the Advanced Computing Training School (ACTS) located all over India. The PG Diploma courses include specialisations in Embedded System DesignVLSI, etc.

Products and developments:-